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Video Shadow v2.1.4

Push Button Software Quickly Deciphers Competitor’s Video SEO Tactics Giving You EVERYTHING You’ll Need To Blast Your Videos To The Top Of YouTube & Google Fast
Other Warriors Are Calling This The Market Samurai Of You Tube…
Attention All Newbie Money Struggling Video Marketers…
Push Button Software Quickly Deciphers Competitors Video SEO Tactics
Giving You EVERYTHING You Will Need To Blast Your Videos
To The Top Of YouTube & Google Fast!
The World’s First In-Depth Video Market Research Tool…

YouTube Keywords ARE Different From Google Search So DON’T treat them the same or sit at the bottom of YouTube with no views…
“Quickly And Easily Find The Exact Keywords
That YouTubers Are Searching  PLUS
Uncover Your Competitor’s SEO
Tactics For Ranking At The Top Of
YouTube… And Google”

How Will Video Shadow Make You Money?

Simple, Fast, Powerful- Get Results in Seconds…literally Leap frog your competition on page one of Google and You Tube, and dominate your niche with eyeball-grabbing organic search engine listings in both practically overnight!
Drive a stampede of buyers to your internet websites from internet Giants – Google & YouTube simply by using the software to pinpoint the right keywords.
Saves You 100’s Of Hours Of Research That You Must Do To Be Successful With Video Marketing.
Use sneaky, stealth tactics that will dominate your competition in any niche by letting you easily reverse engineer their seo campaigns in seconds.

I Used Video Shadow To:

1. Pick Obvious keywords and some not so obvious ones that have a lot of views in you tube
2. Spy on my competition and gather more keywords to use as my tags
3. Checked to make sure I could get a video on the 1st page of google (some keywords in google don’t have videos on the page… so you have to pick the right keywords)
4. Find out how many backlinks I needed to beat out my competition
5. Find out how old the competitors videos are collectively to see if I have a shot in the top 10
6. Find out how powerful my competitors you tube channels are and how many other videos they’ve uploaded
7. Checked which categories the top 50 videos were in and which ones had the most views — certain categories will get you more views…
8. Find out where the top 10 videos were getting the most views from…such as which related videos, sites, etc.
9. Find out how keyword optimized the descriptions are in the top 10 videos and what they are advertising/where they are sending traffic
10. Find out how many people have faverited the top 10 videos
11. Find Title ideas that are catchy… very important!
12. Used Project 3 to break down my own video to see where my weak points are and what I need to improve on.
13. Find easy to rank keywords that have virtually no competition
14. Look at your competitions backlinks and videos that are linked to them giving them all their views.
15. See the insight graphs at the click of a button that tell you the demographics, age and what videos are giving your competition views.

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