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“Generate 1,000’s of Backlinks from Authority .EDU/GOV Wiki Sites Totally Hands-Free!”

How is WIKI Bomber Different?

  • Humongous Database of Wiki Sites – 8,000+ Wiki sites and growing! Our server-side script actively looks for footprints, scrapes new sites and removes non-working ones so you don’t have to. Typical 90% success rate!
  • Multiple CMS Support – Why restrict yourself to just MediaWiki sites? Our software posts to WikkaWiki, MacOS Wiki, TWiki and more to come soon!
  • Randomized Usernames – Random usernames are generated for each and every single Wiki site to eliminate footprint across your campaign. If you post an article to 10k+ sites, 10k+ unique usernames will be used.
  • Auto-generated Unique Username DB – Built-in database of first and last name are used to generate an infinite number of unique usernames for your campaigns.
  • Multi-threaded Account Creator – You can run up to 50 threads at once. No more waiting for accounts to be registered, Wiki Bomber will create 50 accounts in a single query.
  • Multi-threaded Wiki Poster – The article submission process is also multi-threaded up to a maximum of 50 threads. Wiki Bomber is the fastest Wiki Poster available on the market! FACT!
  • Scrape, Spin and Post! – Wiki Bomber scrapes articles from the web and spins them for you. Just enter a seed keyword and let the software do the rest. Stop writing unique articles and wasting your precious times!
  • Built-in Autospinner – Wiki Bomber integrates directly with SpinnerChief’s API. All the articles that you scrape can automatically be spun and turned into spyntax. You’re allowed 20 free spyntax articles per day.
  • 3rd Party Captcha Outsourcing – Have your submissions running completely hands-free! Wiki Bomber integrates directly with De-captcher and Death by Captcha API. You can also choose to skip sites with captcha’s.
  • Schedule Campaigns – Add multiple linkbuilding campaigns at the same time and our software will go through your list of campaigns on a daily basis. No human interaction required, program runs in background on pre-scheduled time.
  • Drip Feed Links – New site? No problem. Choose to drip the links at various velocity, 100/day, 500/day, 1000/day or you can choose Max/day for a one-off blast.
  • Built-in RSS Creator and Mass Pinger – Our software automatically creates an RSS feed from the list of URLs and pings each one of them using the top 80+ RPC servers so your links get indexed faster.
  • Anchor Text Diversity – Add random anchor texts such as “click here” , “link” and “homepage” with the click of a button. We scrape the web for the most commonly used anchor texts so your linkbuilding campaigns appear natural to Google.
  • Complete Reporting – Full URL list in .CSV/TXT format available for download at the end of your campaign. Perfect for doing clients work.
  • ..and More!

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