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Incoming Keyword Scraper 1.5

IKS stands for Incoming Keyword Scraper. A few months back I released a free product that talked about the methods I use to find keywords that people are actually typing into Google. That product was such a hit and so many people bought the upsell, which was IKS.


The way that IKS works is actually pretty cool. It was built to scrape the results from a popular wordpress plugin called SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 that a ton of people use. This plugin makes it easy for WordPress site owners to display keywords on their website that are delivering traffic. You may have seen them before labeled as Recent Search Terms, Incoming Search Terms, Popular Search Terms or maybe Random Search Terms. This is a cool plugin that also helps with SEO but out of the box it leaves a footprint. This footprint is what our software picks up on and gives you hundreds of keywords that are driving traffic to WordPress sites listed in Google.

You can scrape for:
– Recent Search Terms
– Incoming Search Terms
– Popular Search Terms
– Random Search Terms
You can query the top 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 sites in Google with the above settings. Making it possible to get hundreds or even thousands of keywords that are sending traffic to existing sites.

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