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Kijiji Dominator 1.1

Welcome to KijijiDominator

Kijiji is a decade old classified advertising website serving content in more than 15 languages for more than 700 cities across the globe. It offers a wide variety of classified listings under different heads like local place, community, buy/sell, automotive, musician, rental, real estate, jobs, dating etc.

Why KijijiDominator?

This has immense significance for a marketer trying to attract generate more traffic to its site and thereby converting the traffic to leads, leads to customers and customers to revenue.
KijijiDominator is specially designed to get data for respective niches, so that every business gets their targeted audience easily. Data from various Kijiji categories can be easily extracted according to selected location(s) or directly scrape using URL. It allows saving data in CSV format while running your email marketing campaigns.
It’s incredibly easy to configure the scraper and you can start scraping the data within minutes of installing KijijiDominator.

Get KijijiDominator with lifetime free updates today before your competitor does!
Account Manager

Load existing accounts of Kijiji directly to start posting ads

Kijiji Scraper

Scrape classified section using direct URLs or from the added campaigns

Scraped Data

View complete scraped data in a tabular form in this section


Campaign Manager

Create, update, and delete campaigns as per your preferences

Post Ad
Post multiple ads on Kijiji without any hassles.

Upload a list of Messages and Keywords let the software tweet and reply.

Mail Sender

Specially design for sending mail to scraped email id(s) and it help you to promote your business through the mail.


Sales Page

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