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Licorne AIO 3.08 – Ultimate SEO & Internet Marketing Solution

Licorne Solutions provides a wide variety of products and services to empower our clients with the capability to reach into the ever expanding domain of Internet Marketing. Our products and services consist of White and Blackhat SEO, Social Network Marketing, Article Spinners, Blog posters and more! We are passionate developers of Artificial Intelligence, Search Engine Optimization, and new technologies.

Current Changelog

-Added Auto Updater
-Added Article Builder integration
-Added BigContentSearch integration
-Added Bypasscaptcha integration
-Site list update (removed non-working sites and added new sites)

-It is now possible to specify platforms to scrape for in search engine scraper

Link Checker/Analyzer
-Link Checker now supports redirected live links
-Fixed issue with software crashing when Link Analyzer processes:
–Too many sites (>10k)
–Sites with too many nested HTML Elements

Data Importer
-Fixed issue with data importer utility crashing

-Improved overall stability
-Fixed Site Manager crashing issue when user refreshes site information
-Fixed memory leaking issue after running for long hours for the following module:
–Link Analyzer
–Link Checker

Contextual Linking
-It is now possible to specify 0 under contextual linking replacement count

-Minor GUI Improvement for
–Add Project
–Account Creation Task
–Site Manager

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