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Get LINXBOT V 2.0 Push Button PR1+ Links

“What If You Had A Unlimited Supply Of High PageRank Links At The Push Of A Button….

Would That Help Your Rankings?”

Anybody that builds websites knows that to rank well on Google we need a steady supply of quality links. But what would you class as a QUALITY link? People have very different views on this…

Back when I first started in SEO my idea of link-building was quantity not quality. I used to build crappy links like they were going out of fashion…As it happens, they were going out of fashion!

I would get suckered into profile links on high PageRank domains. I would jump on board every wacky looking link-wheel that looked impressive but in reality were badly spun content on brand new pages that weren’t even indexed, never mind had PageRank!



Basically, my links were being placed in “bad neighbourhoods” and my sites rankings were paying the price. It wasn’t long until I noticed that these links were not getting me anywhere.

The more I researched SEO, the more I realised I was doing it all wrong. The biggest lesson I learned was “Do not try and game Google, give them what they want!”

‘And what Google want to see is quality content linking to quality content.

So How Does LinxBot V 2 Work?

Type in your keyword Choose between .com, .edu and .gov Press

start and download results isit the sites and leave a comment

Enjoy your new higher ranking

My software is push button easy. You might be thinking that you can do the same thing manually, and you would be right. You COULD do everything online manually..But, I can guarantee you that the people who automate time consuming tasks will make more money down the line!


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