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Mega Robot Bomber Advanced 5.0.9134



Mega Robot is a complete SEO Suite with many awesome tools:

Features available

1- Account creator to create all accounts supported in seesmic


2-RSS Generator
This tool generate a RSS feed with any url list like backlinks, inner pages etc to share this feed in the RSS Submitter to index or build backlinks.

3-Craigslist Tool

Start to dominate this popular site

4-Local Business Domination

Start to dominate the local business USA nationwide

5-Web Spider

Harvest all inner pages from any website and check the ranking in a targeted keyword

6-SEO Checker

Check several SEO details of any website

7-URL indexer

Index faster any url list

8-Client Organizer

Organize your list of clients with all the data, invoices, services etc .

9-Email Organizer

Organize your list of emails and send emails to your list.

10-Domian Organizer

Organize your domains with all data like profit, date of expiration whois info etc.

12-Email Sender

Send bulk emails

13-Fiverr Message Sender

Send bulk Message in

14-Seesmic Submitter

Submitter automatically unlimited content through Seesmic in the most powerful list of Social networks

15-Facebook Tool

With this tool you can harvest users, groups and Facebook pages. You can send friend request or become a member of any list of groups automatically, also you can post in any Facebook groups and Facebook pages unlimited messages.Also send message to any list of users.

16-Linkedin Tool

You can harvest all groups and send message to all groups members, auto reply to all messages and invitations and more.

17-Google + Adder

This tool add friends automatically in Google plus social network

18-Twitter Adder

This tool harvest users, auto follow and send direct messages

19-Youtube Tool

This tool check the rank of any video, harvest users, add friends, verify accounts, harvest videos and much more

20-Skype adder and sender

Harvest Skype users by keywords, send contact requests and send mass messages

21-Google Plus Poster

This tool post unlimited posts in unlimited Google plus Accounts

22-Pinterest Domination

This tool automatize all tasks in Pinterest but also harvest, Ids, Pins and images, Upload bulk Images and more.

23-DailyMotion Uploader

Uploads multiples videos to unlimited DailyMotion Accounts

24-Youtube Uploader

Uploads multiples videos to unlimited Youtube Accounts

25-Ultimate Keyword Scraper

One of the best keywords scraper tools, this feature harvest the most popular keywords from nay sources for example Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Ebay, Amazon and Wikipedia.

26-Creative Common Images Scraper

This tool harvest 1000s of free images to use in commercial purpose

27-Auto Bidder

This tool can help you to buy items in the top penny auctions

28-SEO Explorer Advanced

This tool track all the backlinks of any website even if they are not indexed in Google. This tool is very useful.

29-SEO Explorer Basic

This tool is a lite version of the SEO Explorer Advanced

30-Backlinker Ninja

This tool create backlinks in the top high PR websites

31-Directory Submitter

This tool submit unlimited sites scheduled in the most powerful list of Web Directories

32-Forum Poster

This tool create forum profile backlinks

33-RSS Submitter

This tool submit your RSS in the most powerful list of RSS directories

34-Link Weel

This is the most powerful tool available in the market to index any url and also build backlinks

35-Article Submitter

Submit your articles in more than 500 article directories

36-Press Submitter

Submit your press releases in a good list of Press Release Directories

37-WP Poster

Post your articles in unlimited blogs powered by wordpress at the same time

38-Bookmarking Tool

Submit your bookmarks to a large list of Bookmarks sites

39-Elgg Submitter

Submit your articles in a unlimited list of websites powered by Elgg

40-Gig Submitter

Submit your Gigs in many fiverr clones

41-Wiki Poster

Submit your articles in unlimited list of wiki sites

42-Drag and Drop

Fill any form online with drag and drop content

And much much more….

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