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Places Scout 2.8.1


Places Scout is a breakthrough, automated seo software tool that lets you dominate local SEO. It’s an all-in-one
solution that provides advanced tools for keyword research, lead generation, rank tracking,
business reputation monitoring & much more. It’s simply amazing.

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Places Scout offers many powerful features that help you manage and automate all of your common Local SEO tasks. Places Scout’s SEO tools save you tons of time and aggravation performing SEO research, allowing you to focus on your clients.

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Places Scout provides instant online background intelligence data for any business. With over 100 points of data available, there’s no wonder why Places Scoutis the #1 markting research software tool for internet marketing and data mining.

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keyword generator

Keyword Generator / Domain Checker

Places Scout’s Keyword Generator can easily find keywords that are related to targeted keywords. With built in AdWords traffic analysis & exact match domain checking, you can easily find the most profitable keywords for your business.

lead generation

Lead Generation / Competitive Analysis

Places Scout’s Find Local Clients module is a hybrid lead generator / competitive analysis tool that provides a wealth of strategic intelligence data for businesses that appear in Google searches, giving you a competitive advantage.

rank tracker

Rank Tracker

Places Scout has an extremely powerful and accurate rank tracker that tracks a website’s rankings over time in both organic and places SERP pages, with a unique visual mapping feature that allows you to visualize ranking data.

citation finder

Citation Finder

The Citation Finder has powerful citation analysis capabilities, giving you a complete picture of both your client’s citations and your client’s competitor citations. Each citation found is verified for NAP accuracy and consistency.

reputation manager

Online Reputation Management

Gathers and Monitors Reviews from Google and 15 Top Review Sites for any Business, providing a complete picture of any business’ reputation online with overall summary metrics, new review alerts, and multiple data views.



Places Scout contains 6 main modules that are packed with tons of time saving features, and includes a comprehensive list of other common features that you would expect from any professional software program.

Places Scout’s Main Modules

General Software Features

In addition to the above main modules, Places Scout is packed many unique features that no other software has! These features will give you a competitive advantage over all other local business consultants that who aren’t using Places Scout. Here is a brief list of what Places Scout has to offer:

  • Powerful Parallel Data Processing – Provides blazing fast data gathering in seconds instead of minutes.
  • Automatic Hassle-Free Updates– Places Scout will automatically update itself if an update is available
    • Existing customers get all future updates free of charge until their current license expires
    • Frequently Updated to ensure it works with the latest changes
  • Attractive, Simplistic Software User Interface – Places Scout’s well designed UI makes the software extremely easy to learn how to use, and built in informative help tooltips are displayed when you hover your mouse over any program element – no need to leave the program to get help using any feature
  • Data visualization technology – fully featured integrated map views provide you with a visual geographic understanding of all the data gathered
  • Location Emulation technology – Allows you to change the Google Location Setting for each keyword search and simulate browsing from any Google location.
  • Keyword Search Query Customization – Full customization of the exact search query used in the Organic / Places Search is supported in all modules
  • Accuracy of Results Verification – Accuracy of results can be easily verified by clicking on the hyperlink that is provided in the ‘Keyword’ column in each grid view.
  • Multi-Format Data Export – All data is fully exportable to multiple formats, including PDF, Excel, HTML, and CSV files!
  • Option to Use Real Browser When Gathering Data– simulates human behavior when gathering data and preserves the integrity of your IP address with data providers
    • No need to adjust any browser settings or log out of Google in your browser – Everything is taken care of and automatically managed behind the scenes for hassle-free data gathering.
  • Report Scheduling – Ranking and Reputation Reports can be scheduled to run on a periodic basis, with customizable outlook-style run intervals
  • Geo-Distance From Center – The software calculates how far each business is located from the centroid of the location being searched, which is an important factor in the Google ranking algorithm.
  • Excellent Customer Support – with fast response times!
  • Works with the new Google+ Local Page Format
  • Support for Auto-Solving CAPTCHAs using DeathByCaptcha
  • Places Scout is an all-in-one SEO software solution for all your Local SEO Needs
  • 14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Places Scout contains support for the following countries:
    • United States (
    • Australia (
    • Canada (
    • United Kingdom (
    • Bahamas (
    • Belize (
    • Ireland (
    • Jamaica (
    • Malaysia (
    • New Zealand (
    • Singapore (
    • South Africa (
    • Virgin Islands – British (
    • Virgin Islands (
    • Support for other countries will be added soon!
    • NOTE: Places Scout will work for other countries that the ones officially supported – it will just use the server instead of the country specific Google server.
    • For the countries that are officially supported above, it will use your country’s specific Google server as denoted in parentheses above.

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