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SEnuke TNG 4.0.62 – Rank #1 IN Google


The worlds easiest to use advanced link builder since 2008 sets the bar higher than ever, placing links in previously unreachable locations and manipulating ranking factors like never before.

Crowd SearcherNEWSimulate thousands of people searching for your keyword on Google and clicking on your site. Increasingly Google is looking at how many people who search for your keyword click on your site. So this will give you an easy boost in rankings.

Built in ProxiesNEWNo need to pay for external proxies. SEnuke comes with thousands of proxies to simulate real people from all over the world.

Blog Network ModuleNEWSeamlessly integrate your existing private blog network and manage it from within SEnuke.

Built in OCRNEWOur built in Optical Character Recognition technology solves about 50% of captchas without needing any human intervention. For the rest, it integrates with various human captcha solving systems.

Loop ModeNEWCreate a campaign once and it will run forever on it’s own building links to your site until you choose to stop it.

Super Fast Turbo WizardNEWSet up complex SEO campaigns within 30 seconds even if you ‘re a complete newbie! No SEO knowledge necessary!

Powerful SchedulerNEWSet it up once and take a trip to Hawaii and it’s gonna do everything on it’s own! If it ever crashes, it will auto-resume.

Step-by-step WizardNEWWant more control than the 30 second turbo wizard provides? Our 15 minute step-by-step wizard gets everything just right.

Easy to Use InterfaceNEWUnlike other competitors, we strive to make the software extremely easy to understand and use.

Doing Local SEO?NEWThe new Google Places module helps you build citations for your business to get you first page rankings on Google Local!

Powerful Macro RecorderNEWAutomate getting a link from any website on the Internet without having to write a single line of code!

Promotion Strategy MapperNEWCreate diagrams to show SEnuke exactly how you’d like your link building to work. Or pick from one of the provided strategies!


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