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SoundKiller v1.01 Premium – Soundcloud bot

SoundKiller v1.01 Premium - Soundcloud bot

Our bot has the most advanced RePlay feature available, Capable of delivering 1000’s of listens without a problem. It is already used by hundreds of people around the world to increase their popularity in the music industry. It is a very simple program to use, and can be picked up and use by virtually any one that knows how to use a keyboard and mouse.

Play Increaser Bot
Follow/Unfollow Bot
Mass PM Bot (In Development)
Comment Bot (Planned)


Bots Purpose:
The purpose of this bot is to help give you a boost and get noticed on SoundCloud Bot.
All of us that use SoundCloud know that it isn’t the easiest site to get noticed,
so that is why i developed this tool.
It can help increase your Play count and Followers. It is constantly
in development and is always being updated with new features.

We are proud to announce that the new update is live!

Now SoundKiller features a “Follow/Unfollow” bot. You can benefit from this because about 30% of the people you follow, will follow you back. So this tool will make it a lot easier for you to grow your fan base. Download

Hope you guys enjoy! Next up: Mass Message Bot


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