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Tube Scraper v1.10

Tube Scraper v1.10

Added the option on advanced settings to allow you to spcecify if you want to use quotes or no quotes around the keywords when returning the number of YouTube results and top video. The default is without quotes as this is how the software worked from the beginning. If you change it the setting will hold even after closing and reopening the program.

Tube Scraper Software! Shows You The Easy Keywords To Target With Traffic!
It can be really simple if you know where to look.
It all comes down to KEYWORDS!
If you pick a keyword with too much “video competition” you will be forced to perform SEO techniques to get good rankings on your video.
If you pick a keyword with minimal uvideo competition” you can get quicker results without doing as much or any SEO stuff like back linking.
How Do You Find These Keywords With Minimal “Video Competition”, and Do They Have Traffic?


One of the quickest ways to determine how much competition there is for a video keword is to check the number of YouTube search results.The problem is who has time to check hundreds of keywords all individually?Also how do you know if there is traffic to those keywords?

Well for traffic we rely on GAKT (Google Adwords Keyword Tool).

It gives us an idea of the local and global traffic.

So we created Tube Scraper to do the job for you.

Tube Scraper takes the GAKT file with your keywords and traffic estimates and automatically goes out and finds out the number of results or competing videos for each keyword!

It will even report to you if the search results for each keyword contains video results on the first page or not. If there are videos it will tell you the exact spot they are located in the top 1 0.

In addition to that it also returns some other statistics like the top youtube video number of views, likes and Comments

Tube Scraper v1.10

Tube Scraper v1.10


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