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So What Exactly is WikiPRO?

WikiPRO is an automation tool that will generate articles and links for you on 200 sites with the click of a button. With built in spinning you can easily have 80% unique content that is 100% legible all automatically!

Let Me Run Down What This Program Will Do For You:

It will allow you to take one article, spin and post it to 200 Wiki sites on unique domains and class C IPs (including over 30 US .EDU and 5 US .GOV Wiki sites). For faster indexing it will ping each article and also create a backlink to each article on 5 US .EDU/.GOV sites of varying platforms. All of this is done automatically with one click, you may even minimize the program after starting it! You write your article (or use a PLR one) and the rest is just one click away!

Simply write an article in Spintax formatting – if you wrote {cool|awesome|rad|sweet} it would randomly pick one each time it posts an article to a wiki site – load it up and hit start. The rest takes care of itself!

Articles can be unique as you want them depending on how much Spintax you use; it will spin the article again for every single site it posts to automatically so each article will differ from the last!

With the built in clearing of cookies you can input a proxy into WikiPRO (100% optional) as well to insure no two articles on a site are ever tied to eachother.


What EXACTLY does WikiPRO do?WikiPRO will run through a list of 200 Wiki sites that I manually found. On each site it will create and validate your account with real looking information. It will then edit your profile page where full articles are allowed; It will take you seed article, spin it to make unique content and post it. It will then record your new article’s URL, logout and clear your cookies.After all 200 articles and links have been created it automatically submits the URLs to 22 of the most popular pinging services to get them indexed faster (all sites are G indexed and will be indexed naturally, this is just to speed things along for you!). The pinging services used are:

Next it will post backlinks to all 200 articles on 5 US .EDU & .GOV forums and guestbooks to speed up indexing even more and provide a bit of extra link juice to your articles.

Finally WikiPRO will save a report of all of your URLs to your hard drive (your choice of .TXT or .CSV excel spreadsheet) so you may review them or send them to SEO clients; whatever you need to do.

You may input as many URLs as you like in your article (they also have anchor text) and your article may be as short or long as you wish; all will be placed on a fresh profile page created for you.

These articles work wonders in terms of SEO benefits because of a number of factors including:
Wiki PRO
Unique Content – If you add enough Spintax you can get 80%+ unique content that is still 100% readable!
Wiki Sites – Wiki Sites are loved by search engines, such as Google. These are not article directories or forum profiles but sites that have the function of providing user generated information!
Authority Sites – Included among these 200 sites are Over 30 US .EDU Sites and 5 US .GOV sites (Including,,, etc.)! All Wikis are on subdomains that vary from PR N/A to PR7 (including a .GOV on a PR7 subdomain!) but the root domains of many of these sites are PR7 and PR8!


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